Anja Kickbusch guides you through a dramatic musical universe of raw wildness and sensitive pensiveness, constantly changing between extrovert drama and introvert vulnerability. Wearing her heart on her sleeve, she is not afraid to put big emotions into words: Relationships between people, loneliness, longing and the search for peace of mind are common themes in her songwriting, but she also writes about things such as freedom, anxiety, eqilibrium and chaos.

There is an unrefined and simple quality to Anja Kickbusch’s music that is contrasted by her delicate, nuanced and elegant voice. Her sound is inspired by British sixties rock in particular, but you also sense the influence of contemporary indie artists such as P. J. Harvey, Portishead and Radiohead. It is an energetic, dramatic and melancholy sound; A cinematic, dusty retro-rock sound, where Anja’s expressive vocals give plenty of room for sixties organs and twangy guitars.

Since the release of her debut album, Don’t Pretend, in 2012, Anja Kickbusch has toured in Germany several times, while she has been part of the Danish underground music scene for many years. In 2015 she released the EP Safe, and she is currently working on her next album.

“There is a genuineness to the singer-songwriter’s retro-rock – whether you look at the whole or the individual elements. And one might secretly hope that the audience will see, and especially hear, that”
GAFFA ****